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  • Holistic Automotive Design
  • Brand DNA Development
  • Trend Research
  • Concept + Production Vehicle Design
  • One-off + Limited Series
  • CMF Design
  • UI/UX
  • Digital + Physical Modelling
  • Animation + Visualisation

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Welcome to Makkina

Makkina is a leading independent automotive design house based near Notting Hill, London. Founded in 1998 by Michael Ani, we deliver world-class design across a spectrum of brands and vehicle types which span the length and breadth of the automotive landscape. Over 25 years we have been responsible for some of the most iconic vehicles produced and are proud of our outstanding reputation within the industry.

We have never been public-facing, instead choosing discretion and adherence to strict confidentiality agreements to support our clients. Working for both established and emerging automotive brands on show cars, luxury one-off and limited-run design commissions, production-validated designs for exteriors and interiors and in the emerging mobility sector, we undertake projects from early ideation sketches through to digital and physical modelling and full-size prototypes. We have fostered excellent long-term relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Europe, Asia and the USA, providing them with an extension of their own design facilities.


Makkina is recognised as a hub of trailblazing international talent, with a sterling reputation for innovative and creative work for some of the most prestigious names in the automotive world. Our team put their heart and soul into every project, understanding our role as curators of the brands we work with and striving to deliver design that resonates and takes them forward.

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