The Great British Roadster
An Icon Reawakened

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Makkina honours a Legend

Little of Makkina’s highly confidential work reaches the public, so in 2023, 100 years since the Triumph name first appeared on a production car and 70 years after its record was secured, Makkina unveiled their Triumph TR25 show car, a testament to the high calibre of creativity and craftsmanship that make us who we are.

A celebration of the great British roadster, paying particular homage to the record-breaking ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2, MVC575, which broke the land speed record for production cars under two litres in 1953, Makkina has reimagined the legendary vehicle as a contemporary piece of cutting-edge automotive design.

Exterior Design

Characterful yet purposeful, the exterior of Makkina’s Triumph TR25 is a culmination of our attention to detail and the breadth of our design experience. Drawing inspiration from previous Triumph sports cars alongside our muse, the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2, our design evokes a sense of heritage whilst placing the modern driver first and foremost. Stylishly simple and unmistakably British, Makkina’s TR25 embraces its TR2 ancestry, repositioning it for the modern day.

The exterior design of the TR25 is a pure form of balanced proportions and a purposeful stance. The concept refines the essential features of the original ‘Jabekke’ to its core elements, seamlessly combining its attributes into a compelling sculptural design statement.


Makkina developed an exclusive exterior colour to reference the original vehicle and emphasise highlights and shadows on its undulating exterior form.

Interior Design

The interior of the TR25 celebrates the essence of automotive design, harking back to an era before enlarged touchscreens dominated the dashboard. Our vision is for technology to enhance the driving experience, discreet enough to not detract from the minimalist interior design or, above all, the enjoyment of the road ahead. With the driver literally at the centre of the experience, the TR25 has one single driver’s seat and an optional flip-out jump seat for a passenger.

With an eye on the power-to-weight distribution and minimalist interior, Makkina offers a pioneering solution to the seating position, which remains static while the pedal box and steering adjust to suit the individual driver. Extensively tested on an interior buck, this tailor-made seating concept ensures that even those six feet tall and above can sit and drive the car in total comfort. Not only that, but this innovation references the motorsport origins of the car on which it is based, transporting the modern-day driver to the thrills of the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 speed run.


The central spine of the TR25 provides structural rigidity in the cockpit, crucial in an open-top roadster. Manufactured from F1-grade composite materials, it runs from the front to the rear of the cabin extending into the structural frame of the driver’s seat and flip-out jump seat.


The cockpit is similarly inspired by the TR2, embellished with contemporary, driver-focused details. A self-centering dial is embedded in a Union Jack-inspired steering wheel and a central binnacle holding retro-futuristic displays illustrates road speed, level of charge and range.


The simplicity and strength of the interior concept further enhances Makkina’s exceptional ability to combine storytelling and envision a futuristic take on a brand replete with heritage.

From sketch to show car

Many ask what came first, the brand or the car. For Makkina, it was the car that inspired us to reawaken the ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2, MVC575 in its new form.

From the very first pen stroke to subsequent digital surfacing in Computer-Aided- Styling (CAS), the Makkina design team committed to staying true to our muse and inspiration, the original ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2, while ensuring its place in history with a modern interpretation of the iconic design.


Makkina’s design team collaborated with a leading show car builder, operating from a state-of-the-art facility in Germany, to build the TR25 show car that would eventually be unveiled at Woods Quay, London on July 13th 2023.

“Triumph’s products were always entertaining to drive, with a premium feel, enjoyed and respected by enthusiasts worldwide. With Makkina’s homage to the Jabbeke car, it was important to create a statement that suits the marque’s British identity in a context relevant to today.” – Michael Ani, Founder / Director


Special thanks to BMW AG for granting permission to use the Triumph Motor Company name
Archive film + images courtesy of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, Gaydon